The Spirit of London

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A beautiful hard-cover coffee-table book (26 x 36 cm) with an iconic equestrian cover. This would be the PERFECT GIFT for your horsy and non-horsy friends by renowned photographer Anthony Osmond-Evans.

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Product Description

by Anthony Osmond-Evans

We are offering THE SPIRIT OF LONDON as a special offer. It is an outstanding, glossy, photographic record of our capital city.  The author paints with a broad brush the changing seasons, personalities and cultures - equestrian included - which make up the colourful mosaic that is London today. As well as focusing on London in all  its modernity and history, this book will hugely appeal to anyone who loves our Royal Family. Praised by HRH Prince Charles, this sumptuous book retails at £34.95 in Foyle's top bookshop.  As a SPECIAL OFFER, it is available to CRC Members and Friends, at less than half the retail price plus postage.

It will make a wonderful addition to your library, especially with another Royal Wedding coming up.  A great present for friends and family.